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Albion Bowl is a full service bowling center. We offer bowling with automatic scoring, arcade games, air hockey table, pool table, snack bar, pro-shop, and a mini golf simulator. We offer these things in the most family friendly environment around. Our service is second to none.

On Friday nights from 9:00pm - 11:00pm we have cosmic bowling. We have all the flashing lights, the black lights and many glow toys for sale.

Here at the Albion Bowl we also specialize in birthday parties. Call and reserve your date today. On birthday parties you CAN bring in your own food and cake. We do ask that you buy your drinks from us. We will also offer a special rate on the bowling too. We will do everything we can to make this a very pleasurable experience.

For the younger bowlers we have the Dragon Ramps. If you have never see them, they are the cutest thing for small children to use. They help get the ball down the lane with very little effort. This also puts a whole twist in the game. The Dragon Ramps are very popular with our open bowling customers and are available to you at no additional charge.

My parents Wayne and Arlene Werker built the bowling center back in 1967. We have been family own and operated ever since. We were the first bowling center to offer automatic scoring in this area. We installed our first automatic scoring system in 1990. We were also the first center in our areas to offer youth league bowling after school on week nights. Albion Bowl is the only bowling center in our area to offer the Dragon Ramps. These Dragon Ramps help small children roll the ball down the lane with very little effort. And we are offering these Dragon Ramps with no additional cost. The Albion Bowl has introduced a lot of new concepts in the bowling industry to our area and we plan on continuing this well into the future. Come visit us and see what is next!!